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How to Rekey a Schlage


How to Rekey Schlage SecureKey/Plus Blue key System.

It is easily identified by the + sign located at the top of the cylinder Figure A This System has, to my knowledge been discontinued. You will still find them in the field from time to time. They are a pretty inconvenient lock as they require the special BLUE key, in order to rekey. They also require a second Blue key to change them to the new biting. We all know customers can’t even keep track of there own keys let alone a secondary re key, key. So is is a step by step guide on how to re key them in case you must, however I highly recommend you simply replace the entire cylinder with a regular conventional pin tumbler one. I have some in the truck just for this very reason. This lock can be picked with a little practice as well.

  •  Locate and insert BLUE re set, key (Figure A & B)
  •  Rotate to 11:00 position
  •  Remove reset key (Figure C)
  •  Install New Different reset key that you are re keying to (Figure D)
  •  Return to 12:00 position (Figure E)
  •  Remove BLUE re set key
  •  Insert new operating key that matches the BLUE reset key you just used
  •  Make sure operating key works and your now done. No need to take the lock off the door or remove the cylinder. This can all be done with the lock fully installed on the door.
Figure A.
Figure B.
Figure C.
Figure D.
Figure E.