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Door Replacement

Have a door on it's last hinge? Door won't close properly? Damaged from heavy use or vandalism? Aspen Locksmith can fix or replace your door depending on the extent of the damage. We always aim to provide you with the best service at a great price.

Door Closers & Operators

Door closing too fast? Not fast enough? Our technicians can adjust or maintain your door closer. If it's under powered we may suggest a better closer that will last you many years.  Some door closers can even be rebuilt. We also provide sales and installation of automatic door openers and operators, giving you a full range of access control and accessibility for all your customers/employees.

Door Hardware & Hinges

Door doesn't lock properly? Have to push in or pull to lock or unlock your door? This put added stress on your keys and should be fixed right away. Aspen Locksmith can help with this.  Door scraping along the frame, floor or top of doorway? We can adjust your door and even replace the hardware with pivot or continuous  hinges to stand up to high traffic and harsh weather while lasting a long time, saving you money in the long run.

Security & Specialty Glass

We can upgrade your existing glass to be more secure or we can replace the glass entirely to suit the needs of your business or home. If you'd like a quote, give us a call at :

Storefront Glass Replacement

Aspen Locksmith is fully equipped to replace the glass in your door or storefront, we have a wide range of custom glass choices including laminate and security glass. We also have glass for budget conscience customers as well. Our techs can quickly deal with the issue in a safe manner , reducing risk to you, your employees and customers.